Return of the Gnarcotics

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We’ve got a fresh mixtape to share from Brayden Rastad and his homies in Port Coquitlam, BC. Read on for some words from Brayden and an accompanying photo gallery.

After a 5-year hiatus, we are back! I find it crazy to think it’s been that long since we have filmed a video. Over the years, some of us kept riding here and there and some stopped completely. When we started filming the goal was to have as much fun as possible and as the sessions went by we all slowly started to get back into the swing of things. By the end of filming we were all getting tricks we never would have before we stopped. Dylan for example, who totally stopped riding for a couple of years, was sending himself as if he never stopped and getting one of the best lines in the video. With Covid-19 forcing us to small social bubbles, we headed to the streets to avoid the crowds at the skatepark which forced us to adventure out in to our local community to find new spots to ride. Also, because of the pandemic a lot of spots that previously would have been too busy to ride now were completely empty, allowing us to spend a good amount of time filming and getting photos. Over all this project has been nothing but good times like always and we are all stoked to be back riding our bikes and having as much fun as possible. -Brayden Rastad

Riders: Dylan Murko, Kale Storry, Nathan Pelletier, Masai Cobb, Fontas Gilliatt, Brayden Rastad

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