Video Round Up (2022.3)

17 May Video Round Up (2022.3)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

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Full-length honour roll:

Matt Perrin produced this full-length in Western Canada from 2019 to 2022. Full sections from Lynden Chartrand, Shelby Hare, Tristan Sweet, Drew Morton, Kyle White, Chad Ferch, Alex Jo, Sebastian Gagne, Eamon McCaffrey, Spencer Macfarlane, Jordan Siudy, Jay Park, James Dean, Matthew Perrin, Colin Thiessen, Jake Mallichan, and Ky Brisebois. Grab a digital download here.

New full-length coming soon from Fit with appearances from Canadians Jordan Hango and Riley Abramyk.

Web videos:

The thumbnail should be reason enough for you to press play on this new piece from Dillon Lloyd.

Night moves with Austin Karker, Mat Stiehl, Mike Tripp, and Ethan Malik.

Corey Walsh and company part 1.

Corey Walsh and company part 2.

Mark Stanway at House of Wheels in Edmonton.

We missed posting this one last year. Better late than never. Check out this 10-minute mix from Japanese rider, Taiga Yokoyama’s time in Canada. Appearances from Austin Odegnal, Birken Kirk, Nick Halisheff, Quintin Baptiste, Richard Gallant, Matt Perrin, Kyle White, Jay Park, Spencer Macfarlane, and more.

Shameless self-promotion.

Team Doink’s journey to Montreal.

Joel Bondu in Montreal at the Vans bowl.

Brenten Wylie continues to showcase his dominance as the Video Round Up MVP. He has now appeared in 5 out of 7 Video Round Ups we’ve posted since the 2021 re-launch of the site.

A welcomed encore from the MVP.

Christopher Royce’s fave clips from 2021.

From the Canadian BMX video vault:

Shad Johnson from Snakebite BMX recently uploaded this footage from the 1994 Nelson contest featuring Dave Osato, Rob Sigaty, Jason Enns, Dave Thom, Curtis Easterbrook, Eric Walter, Sean Yarroll, Chad Spooner, Simon Barry, Dom Mach, Wade Nelson, and more.

Andrew White as seen in FUTU. Ride in peace.

Andrew White as seen in FU3. Ride in peace.

Podcast Playlist:

An insightful conversation with BMX rider and academic, Wade Nelson.

Embassy Exclusive Re-up:

Southern Ontario street mix featuring Ben Kavanagh, Matt Comeau, Dylan Leggett, Dan Donaghy, Andrew Low, Jacob Carlos, Liam Regan and Cyrus C.

Birken Kirk street part. Interview here.