Chijioke Okafo 2021 Video

24 Dec Chijioke Okafo 2021 Video

Our resident website designer and all-around good guy Chijioke Okafo has a work ethic that is rivaled only by Mariah Carey’s during the holidays. The dude isn’t afraid to push himself, and some of the crazy (nbd?) combos in this video are proof of that.

Mike Gray, Chi, and I have been going out on missions all year, hitting different zones around the GTA looking for things that Chi could fuf, ice-pick, or abubaca. Our long drives in Mike’s Rav through sometimes desolate industrial zones eventually proved worthwhile, as they bore many fruits in the form of biking clips. Chi stepped up to some heavy setups during the process of filming this video, and more often than not he walked away victorious. I’m proud of my dude and I’m really stoked that we got to work together on this. I hope you guys like it.

Sit back, and enjoy this little Christmas Eve gift brought to you by ChiJoel OkaFortin.