Video Round Up (2021.4)

17 Nov Video Round Up (2021.4)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

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Full-length honour roll:

Ian Fleming adds another gem to his full-length catalog with 2020’s Eyecontact. The full cast includes Andrew Phillips, Joseph Kubik, Colin Kenny, Matt Comeau, Donovan Wade, Alexis Leger, Patrick Rhodenizer, Damien Maclean, Daniel Hardy, Ian Christison, Rahlin Rigsby, Harrison Forward, Morgan Macnevin, Colin Grieg, Spencer Ryan, Arnaud P. Paquin, Adam Berry, Derek Morgan, Chris Zidek, Alex Duleba, Nick Ferreira, Jack Leonard, and Paul Slaunwhite. Peep an interview with Ian about the project here.

Call Somebody is a Denver based scene video that includes some heavy footage from a trip across the border to Calgary.

Web videos:

Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast trip featuring the Vans Canada squad: Justin Hughes, Dean Hartley, Chijioke Okafo, Mike Gray, Chad Ferch, Ryan Eles, and Joel Fortin.

BC concrete and dirt shredding courtesy of Jonny Devine.

BC street mixtape pieced together by Jay Park and featuring Matt Perrin, Aamon Farr, Jason Sprouter, Alex Jo, Jordan Siudy, Spencer Macfarlane, Teddy Eyob, and Owen Dawson.

The End of Summer Jam in Richmond, BC is going ten years strong. Here are this year’s highlights featuring Lucas Lundy, Andrew Gobbo, Josh Bissat, Yannick Tysl, James Dean, Steve Legare, Dave Butler, Trent Krog, Jayden Lajeunesse, Chris Denman, Cayle Osborne, Braeden Barnard, and more.

Quebec City plaza mix featuring Dillon Lloyd, Justin Hughes, Greg Jean, Marc-Andre Bellemare, Alexandre Bessette, Sam Thibault, and Antoine Beaulieu.

Video Round Up MVP, Brenten Wylie comes through with a quick skatepark edit. Brenten has appeared in 3 out of 4 Video Round Up posts we’ve published this year, plus he submitted a video for our Summer Heat contest. This dude’s putting in work.

Winnipeg plaza mix featuring a dedicated team of brakeless hood rats.

Halloween street jam organized by Harvester BMX.

Okanagan mix featuring Jacob Sparling, Riley Dawson, Therin Hemstalk, and Bryce Goodrich.

Corey Walsh and company part 1.

Corey Walsh and company part 2.

Corey Walsh and company part 3.

Saskatchewan’s Matthew Linsley and Seth Varga took a road trip to Alberta and BC this past summer. They’ll be premiering their full video from the trip on November 27th at 7 PM at The Beach Indoor Skatepark in Saskatoon. Check it out if you’re in the area.

Hometown street and skatepark clips from North Bay, Ontario’s Logan Dupuis.

Flatland appreciation post #1 from Saskatoon’s Peter Olsen.

From the Canadian BMX Video Vault:

Shad Johnson from Snakebite BMX recently uploaded this 2002 profile of Dave Osato from 411 Video Magazine and it’s a treat.

Flatland appreciation post #2. Cory Fester has been working on a new flatland video part for the last 10 years. As we patiently await his magnum opus, enjoy this video from 2009. You can also check out a recent podcast with Cory here.

Non-BMX content:

Residential school survivor and skateboarder, Joe Buffalo shares his story of trauma, addiction, and recovery in this short documentary.

As I write this from the Fraser Valley, I’m currently surrounded by flooding from record rainfalls. This comes after a summer that included the hottest temperatures recorded in Canadian history. I’m sure you’ve all seen the headlines from COP26 by now. What does our path forward really look like though? I’ve appreciated this documentary from a few years back.

Embassy Exclusive Re-cap:

Vancouver DIY footage featuring Corey Walsh, Jordan Siudy, Spencer Macfarlane, Ky Brisbois, Nick Halisheff, Jay Park, Tristan Sweet, Matt Perrin, and Shelby Hare. Read our interview here.

Summer Heat video contest first place video featuring Austin Karker.

Summer Heat video contest second place video featuring Brandon Sawchyn.

Summer Heat video contest third place video featuring Matt Perrin.

Summer Heat video contest bonus video featuring Zach Szymaniak. Thanks to everyone who submitted a video. Check out all of the submissions here if you haven’t already.