Video Round Up (2021.3)

23 Sep Video Round Up (2021.3)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

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Full-length honour roll:

Everything you’ve come to expect from a BMXFU video plus a pandemic. Appearances from Greg Henry, Charlie Crumlish, Sebastian Morgenroth, Zach Szymaniak, Chris Orbell, Craig Passero, Matt Comeau, Noah Sider, Shawn Swain, Ryan Howard, Greg D’amico, Justin Koebele, Brad Hill, Chris Cadot, Jack Leonard, Carl Arnett, Chay Nelson, Matt Desson, Franco Leon, Pasha Sitko, Ben Neff, Blaire Rouselle, Jake Montgomery, Joel Fortin, Paul Hoerdt, Mark Hoerdt, Glen Hoerdt, Eli Taylor, Matt Drew, Corey Dewey, Chris Silva, Dakota Welbourn, Chijioke Okafo, Marcus Diaz, Spencer Bryant-Longo, Lee Dennis, Oliver Farkas, Kenny Oliver, Mike Stahl, Chris Childs, Lewis Colascione, and more.

TAIF (Thank Atlantis It’s Friday) is the latest full-length project from the post-Atlantis Vancouver crew. Spearheaded by Andrew Schubert, the video features sections from Riley Abramyk, Jack Leonard, Jason Teet, Chris Cadot, Owen Dawson, Jordan Hango, and Schubert himself. $7 will get you access to the full video.

I know what you’re thinking: “How does a DVD from a Japanese based crew qualify to be posted on a Canadian BMX site?” Well, it just barely qualifies. The lone Canadian, Greg Henry has some clips in the BMXFU section of the video. That’s good enough to fit my criteria. To order a copy of the video in Canada, hit up Westride Distro. If you’ve got a love for dreamy street spots and creative riding, it’s worth the investment.

Do we call this a full-length or a mixtape? I’m not sure. Either way, this video is a treat. Check out 19 minutes of street riding from the likes of Landon Barnes, Ruthless Aussie, Byron Kutchera, Denis Bejtic, Chris Genova, Miami Mike, Harrison Forward, and Yuki Ozaki.

Web videos:

A short and sweet blast of Vancouver Plaza footage featuring Ky Brisebois. Video by Jordan Siudy.

Full street part from Edmonton’s Tyler Horness. Filmed by Dustin Fox and edited by Matt Perrin.

One of Canada’s best ramp riders, Jaden Chipman tearing up Joyride 150. Video by Broderick Horne.

Dialed new age street riding featuring Jeffrey Lapointe. Video by Landon Barnes.

Concrete and asphalt surfing courtesy of Sebastien Babineau.

Alberta’s Cory Fester speaking about his creative process in flatland. Video by Joey Kyllo.

Chaos in the streets of Toronto at the “Prime Minister of the Streets” jam. Two more videos from the event here and here if this one wets your appetite.

Mark Stanway, Andrew MacLeod, Roberto Ouwens, Nick Halisheff, Brian Sveinson, Jon Alden, and Carson Donovan shredding Kyle Wachter’s backyard ramp set-up in rural Alberta.

3 day street edit featuring British Columbia’s Luke Loewen with appearances from Jayden Unger and Drew Sawatsky.

HVXGOAT does Montreal. Featuring Bailey Huisman, Brandon Dobie, Jesse Dzikewich, Kaleb Smith, Chris Johnson, Pierre Gauthier, and Cam Galbraith.

Harvester does Montreal. Featuring Ruthless Aussie, Sean Rowan, Ant Bloch, Alek Daum-Astier, Jean Francois Boulianne, and more.

UBC session in Vancouver featuring Fontas Lawrence Gilliatt, Adam Piatek, and Daniel Chernetski.

From the Canadian BMX Video Vault:

Shad Johnson from Snakebite BMX recently uploaded Ten Pack’s 2004 video, Evolution. This is a Canadian classic.

This video’s only two years old, but it’s certainly worth a re-watch. Matt Comeau alongside trusty lens man, Ian Fleming.

Embassy Exclusive Re-up:

Crimson Bikes stem promo from our new series on the history of Canadian BMX companies.