Video Round Up (2021.2)

21 Jul Video Round Up (2021.2)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

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Full-length honour roll:

Full-length from Ontario’s Team Luxury crew featuring Jason Green, Ethan Malik, Jeremy Kappert, Spencer Ryan, Mike Tripp, Mat Stiehl, and Austin Karker.

Gritty spots and gritty riding end to end in this full-length from Windsor/Detroit based BMX crew, Bacon n’ Eggs. That last section from Chase Davidson goes hard!

Matt Perrin and Drew Morton are launching a Canadian distributor for BMX apparel and media called WESTRIDE. Here’s a teaser for an upcoming full-length to be released with the launch of the distro. Keep your eyes peeled to the Embassy for more on this soon.

Don’t Mind Us is a full-length project curated by Riley Abramyk. The video features Spencer Macfarlane, Corey Walsh, Ky Brisebois, Mitch Radcliffe, Nick Halisheff, Riley Abramyk, and many more. $7 will get you a digital file of the full video. Check it out here.

AANGLES is a full-length project spearheaded by Scott Marceau. Although the video will feature a heavy cast of American riders, it looks like we can expect some Canadian cameos. Check out this mix of leftover footage with appearances from Mason Gray, Eli Taylor, Owen Gray, James Dean, Ky Brisebois, Jordan Hango, Matt Comeau, and Matt Perrin.

Web videos:

Brenten Wylie in the streets of Winnipeg.

Brenten Wylie in a Winnipeg plaza.

Well-produced street mix from Quebec’s Stweet Crew: We are proud to present our latest video ”La soupe du jour” filmed during the summer of 2020. The crew went several times to Quebec city to meet up with local riders that showed us around. Shoutout to @barb_boss, @samxthib and @brodeurbilly. It was a busy summer for most of the guys which came with less everyday riding/filming and more weekend road trips. The name ”La soupe du jour” brought so much fun and creativity to our video. Simon (an OG of the crew) came up with that name and with just went all in with the concept. Riders: William Pilote, Evans Murray, Thibaut Weber, Olivier Croft, Dave Pilote, Keven Minier, Antoine Beaulieu, Sam Thibaut and Billy Brodeur. 

Surviving winter with Zeb Dennis.

Surviving winter with Mike Gray.

Road trip video from Quebec’s La Cribs shop featuring Maxime Trépanier, Rafaël Diaz, Gaby Lechasseur, Émérik Caron, and Arnaud Paquin.

You don’t see a ton of street videos out of Saskatchewan; this one from Saskatoon’s Derek Crossman is a treat.

In between COVID-19 travel restrictions in summer 2020, Chase Davidson snuck away for a trip to France. You may agree or disagree with his decision to travel internationally during the pandemic, but it looks he captured some good times with a solid crew of French riders.

Skatepark stunts courtesy of Alberta’s Darcy Peters, Carson Donovan, Kurtis Donovan, and Andrew Schubert.

Shameless self-promotion. 9-minute mix from the Weird & Revered crew featuring Tyler Horness, Kostya Chimkovitch, Thomas Henderson, Logan Kirzinger, Jesse Baraniuk, Cary Lorenz, Derek Bolz, Justin Schwanke, George Brunin, Slade Scherer, Andrew MacLeod, and Mark Stanway.

Flatland moves featuring Francois Debroux, Joey Kyllo, Brandon Derbowka, Percy Marshall, Pete Olsen, and Cory Fester.

Podcast Playlist:

A candid conversation about sexuality, mental health, and BMX with Corey Walsh.

It’s pretty safe to say that Cam Galbraith is Canada’s most ambitious BMX podcaster. He’s consistently pumping out new episodes with some big names in BMX. Cam recently sat down with beloved skatepark stuntman, Drew Bezanson.

From the Canadian BMX video vault:

Back when this video was released in 2004, MacNeil arguably had the most stacked team in the history of Canadian BMX companies. Speaking of Canadian BMX companies, we have a special history project coming soon to the Embassy. Stay tuned.

Pegless creativity at its finest. Colin Thiessen making moves in Manitoba and beyond back in 2016.

Embassy Exclusive Re-Cap:

No Bikes 2018 trip to Montana and Alberta featuring Aaron Gates, Aaron Clarke, Andrew MacLeod, Cary Lorenz, David Clay, Grant Arend, Jaumell Campbell, John Thompson, Justin Schwanke, Kostya Chimkovitch, Matt Thomas, Slade Scherer, and Taylor Marleau. Check out a write-up about the trip here.

No Bikes 2019 trip to Alaska featuring Aaron Gates, Tony Piff, Slade Scherer, Aaron Gates, Kostya Chimkovitch, Dan Shea, Mat Ridgeway, Cary Lorenz, David Clay, Drew Hosselton, Colby Knowler, Grant Arend, Jeremiah Voight, Ari Kaiser, and Duke Hardcastle. Check out a write-up with some photos from the trip here.

403CREW trip to Vancouver and Victoria featuring Austin Odegnal, Birken Kirk, Brendan Vanderkuip, Chay Nelson, Connor Campbell, Dredon Tattrie, Jay Park, Jordan Suidy, Matt Perrin, Spencer MacFarlane, Steven Humeniuk, Taiga Yokoyama, Tyler Von Rothkirch, and Yannick Tysl. Interview and photos here.

Thomas More video. Interview here.

New York City trip section from full-length film, EYEcontact courtesy of Ian Fleming. Interview and photos here.

Lee Giroux video. Interview here.

Non-BMX Media:

I know what you’re thinking: “An animated film? Am I really going to watch this whole thing?” I thought the same, but by the time it was over I was left with a couple tears in my eyes. This is a powerful story about Chanie Wenjack, a indigenous boy who attempted to flee an Ontario residential school in 1966. The film features a full soundtrack from Gord Downie to accompany the visuals. If you’re gonna watch anything in this long list of videos, I encourage you to give this one a try.