Nick Halisheff interview

Back in June we hit up Nick Halisheff to do an interview on NE and he’s been filming for an edit to go along side it ever since. Although the interview was done a while back and Nick now resides in Vancouver, have a read to get to know this Albertan born street shredder.

Name, age, where you’re living and where you’re from/born?
Ok dude! My names nick halisheff I’m currently living in Edmonton was born and raised their 18 years old

When and why did you first start riding bmx?
When I was about ten I’m pretty sure hahaha

Howd you get into it?
My mom bought me some Walmart bike when I was ten and I started doing wheelies and screwin around with it on the daily and since than that all I’ve wanted to do nothin beats the feeling of being on a bike everyday!

What’s your local park/ where did you grow up riding the most?
Local park would have to be kaskitayo in Edmonton and I grew up riding millennium skatepark.
When did you move from Calgary to Edmonton? Who were guys you grew up riding with in both cities?
Hahaha I’m just from Edmonton, Sherwood park has a park called millennium also just way more ghetto.not nearly the same scene but still aton a dudes always down to ride everyday! Mostly grew up riding with all the guys from mill woods. now I ride with dudes like mike boag , Isaac Barnes , Sean Tiffin , Riley abrymak and Jared chilko always looked up to them since I got on a bike and they kill it!

Its always seemed like the Edmonton scene has thrived, tons of dudes riding all the time.
Most definitely! Everyone’s always open to ride with you and have a good sesh! No matter who u ride with it feels like family here. One thing I love is that everyone pushes each other and shows huge support for each other!

Were you always into more street style riding or a mix?
I’ve always been more into street but I love riding park just as much. Anything rideable!

You dropped an insane street edit last summer that seemed to come out of nowhere. How long did you film for that and who were you filming with?
Thanks dawg means a lot! Not very long just some random days throughout the summer filmed from my Good friend Nolan and Chris shop manager of transition shout out to them! Can’t wait for my project to drop though!

Whats this project?
Just this edit I’ve been filming just stoked to put something of me really pushing myself out there!” When riding!

Do you spend more time riding parks or cruising street you figure?
I’d say equally , usually always start the sesh warming up at the park than spend the day in the streets finding spots n riding!

Edmonton seems to have infinite spots.
So many spots to do anything on ! Their just popin up all the time to ride especially with the amount of construction building new arenas downtown and the buildings!

The scene seems tight in YEG as well, seems like there’s a ton of riders
Hell ya right now there’s a ton a new riders and groups coming up around this area especially were I live in Edmonton. The talent of everyone is unreal definitely a huge verity of riders but more so street than anything! Been around some parks around Alberta and there’s a ton of dudes I constantly see starting to pop out its awesome!

Who would you say are 5 riders you look up to?
Thanks dude! I’d have to say some of my top five is mike boag , Dillon Lloyd , Simone barraco, Anthony Perrin and courage adams!

5 cities youd love to visit to ride one day?
Top ten cities would have to be Austin Texas , Barcelona , San Diego , la ,Paris and Berlin!

5 favorite tricks at the moment?
Fav tricks at the moment would have to be nose presses , nollie switch bars , nollie trucks, switch ices and three tabs!

5 favorite edits/ dvds at the moment?
So many crazy edits top one would have to be mark it zero , Vans illustrated, pat Casey dream yard 2,volume finer things and dills new on everything part!

What’s your plan for this summer/until the white stuff comes back?
Planning on leaving to Vancouver for a few months to ride than go on some more trips this year and get all the riding in I can since I just graduated just wanna be on the bike everyday!

Hell ya dude, thanks for doing this! Any final remarks, shout outs or thanks?
Hell ya man thanks for ur time! Hell ya my fam for always supporting me, Mike Boag, and transition bike shop for always keeping my bike rolling.