No Bikes 2015: Fat-Trax Gallery by Greg Rooke


For two years in New England, Fat-Trax was my bmx family. I was very stoked that Greg, Matt, Seth, James and Colby could join our crew of north westerners for this trip. The shop itself is a mainstay in the New England scene – owned by an old skier, but run by locals in the bmx, skate and snowboard scenes. The New England crew covered the most ground of all of us, branching off to hit Colorado after everyone else headed home.

IMG_2769 IMG_2924 IMG_2928 IMG_2944 IMG_2947 IMG_3008 IMG_3630 IMG_3945 Photo Jul 27, 2 24 15 PM Photo Jul 28, 1 38 00 PM Photo Jul 30, 5 53 23 PM Photo Jul 31, 7 19 08 PM