Andrew Lazaruk in America

In Lazer’s own words:

This video came together by accident kind of. We had plans to go on one weekend trip to check out some new skateparks and brought a camera along to get a few clips/photos. I ended up seeing Aaron more frequently than planned after that and we were able to ride more and check out more new parks the next few times as well.

This ended up showcasing my favourite parts about BMX though, riding cement bowls and going on trips with good friends to ride and find new ones. We hadn’t been to the majority of these skateparks before, so just getting out somewhere new is always part of the enjoyment. Especially in the areas we went too, there was either an awesome ferry ride or scenic drive to get to the spot. We never set out to film crazy stuff, just happened to document some fun stuff at the amazing places we visited. Can’t wait for more trips like this!