Bike Check – Mason Gray

02 May Bike Check – Mason Gray

So last week I ventured off into DWOK country aka London Ontario to catch up and ride with the squad.
Mason blessed me with a nest to crash at for the weekend and provided me with all the coffee I needed. 
That weekend he had just set up a brand new whip courtesy of The Make, so I had to hit him up
to see what it's all about.

Frame: 21' The Make Crew 
Fork: Odyssey something in black w gold undertones
Bar: Scerbos in black w gold undertones
Photos: Parker Atkins


Bike Front


Front Hub

Rear Hub


What's good Soy, thanks for doing this. So you just got hooked up by The Make, 
congrats by the way, well deserved! How did that come about?
Aye thanks dude! Some of the squad spent some time down in Texas 
back in November riding with Charlie & Miles crumby. Right after we had left, Orlando hit up Chuck
to see if he knew anybody because he was getting stuff going in Canada, so he put in a good word. 
Thanks Crumby I owe u a futurecig for sure.

That's rad, Chuck's the man. So do you like changing your setup often or do you find something you like and stick with it? 

Definitely prefer to stick with old stuff, getting new shit takes getting used to so I try to avoid that. 
Shits gotta feel like ol' faithful when you step on or you're doing it wrong. 

What parts are you most specific about? 

Uhhhhh low tire pressure and having really stretched out grips are 2 necessities,
bar angle fucks with me tons too.

What part of your setup are you most hyped on right now? 

All the new stuff I got is hella clean so I'm definitely the most psyched on that shit, 
besides that probably the gold paint if that counts as a part. 

Does having a gold bike get you mad honeys? 

Not if you paint it as shitty as I do hahah 

Hahah fair enough, cool well I guess that's it, any shoutouts? 

Big thanks to Orlando & The Make (@themakecrew) for hooking up everything, 
bike hasn't worked this well in a minute.  n shoutouts to @DWOKCREW, da p-jams fam, 
and you (J-Bone Snortin') for hooking this up.
If you're not already, make sure to go follow all of Soy's social network endeavors, the dude is always workin'. 
@polejams, @pegchinks and @badv3ntures