CANCER BATS – DEVIL’S BLOOD Chijioke’s “footage remix”

Here’s an interesting idea, Toronto band, the Cancer Bats launched a new music video featuring exclusively Chijioke footage.

We’re so stoked have this amazing video put together by our talented ripper of a homie Chijioke Okafo! We’ve known Chijioke for a while as a Toronto BMX dominator and have had our minds blown daily following his tail whips on them internets. One day while hanging out with Chijioke, as he built my new bike, I asked if he’d ever want to put something together with one of our jams. I played him “Devils Blood” and was pumped to cut something together! Now we’re way too excited to share this collab with the whole world! ” Click here for the full story and check out this music video they made in 2008 which also has BMX reference.