TBT – Greg Flag from Presence

[vimeo id=”6111700″]

When Ian Fleming suggested this edit for TBT I was super stoked. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen some Greg Flag footage and if there’s anything this world could use more of it’s Greg footage.

Greg is the kind of guy who can film a video part in a few days. In fact, the first time I ever met Greg we filmed a clip of the craziest thing I’d ever seen done at the Montreal Olympic stadium, at that time. Greg moved to Montreal from Halifax somewhere around 2007.

A few interesting facts about this part, we filmed this Presence dvd over the course of a year and made trips from Montreal to Toronto, Boston, NYC, Philly, Burlington, Quebec city, and more. Greg was really into David Bowie at the time. The Montreal scene was really tight at this time but Greg and Corey Dewey were really pushing each other riding wise and it was amazing to see. Every spot they’d have ideas for each other and you’d often hear them say “I’ll try this if you try this” which almost always lead to them rolling away from something crazy.

The very last Presence DVD will be filmed over the course of 2015, stay tuned.