Mitch Anderson/Rii Projects – Western Canada Trip

23 Aug Mitch Anderson/Rii Projects – Western Canada Trip

This video from Mitch Anderson is pretty great. To make a long story short, Mitch has been battling a pretty harsh disease for the last four years, and after beginning to feel stronger and healthier he packed up his stuff, loaded up his ride, and took off for the west coast. You can read a lot more about his battle and personal outlook over on his website, read his own statement below, and clear 12 minutes to watch a compilation of his six week road trip across Western Canada.

After 4 years bed ridden with constant medical care I started working towards becoming physically active again. After 2 years of hard work my health started to regain. I sold everything I could, jumped in my favorite car (a beautiful 1986 Porsche 911, modified by Rii Projects) grabbed my bmx and took off west! With no plan but to ride my bike, meet old and new friends, and experience as much as possible. It was a great success and I hope to find funding to head out east before the winter!

– Mitch Anderson