Flashback: Greg Flag in 2013

Currently Greg Flag is living in the Republic of Estonia with his girlfriend while she is in an artist residency. I found myself revisiting these MacNeil videos of him from 2013. During second half of last year Greg was dealing with some injuries that put him out of the spotlight for a bit, but he did manage to put out these two great web videos, made by our own Zach Rampen. More and more I find that they very accurately encapsulate Greg as a rider and a person. Seldom very serious, and performing interesting riding on difficult setups. Whether it’s a barrier, public sculpture, rail, or doing a stovepipe out of something, Greg makes it look good when he rides it. While he has been posting Estonian spots he comes across on Facebook, and drinking with the local riders of Tallinn, I know he’ll be back on Canadian soil eventually and we’ll get to see more of this brand of riding, but in the meantime watch these videos.