Jeff Evans – B’yz N The Hood

Your favourite b’ys favourite rider. News of Jeff Evans losing his sponsors just broke amidst the Great Canadian Sponsorship Shakedown of 2014, and immediately after this new Hevil video of him surfaces. If anything this video could serve as a reminder that a free frame and some bike parts isn’t going to change your life, but rather good bike riding will always stand out, regardless of any brand affiliations. I bet Jeff will still be doing that for years to come. There’s too much good stuff in here to list out, but the last line is very notable, and then there’s an extra minute and a half of a wild dude jamming on a guitar.

Also related, Jeff starred in this Lenovo cell phone commercial alongside Sam Lowe and Chance Campbell with them riding at Vancouver’s Plaza. What purpose does having two sim cards serve? I don’t get it, but it looks better than a flip phone.

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