Our Wild Abandon


This is for any of you that are stuck inside because of the cold, itching for a balmy adventure. In the summer, a couple of girls from Vancouver bought a trailer and started trekking through America. Their adventure is over a hundred days deep at this point, with no signs of slowing down. As of last week they were in Austin, TX, with no concrete dates for an arrival home.
Surprisingly well connected to the internet, they have been pretty good about posting photo sets and updating the instagram (@ourwildabandon) with all sorts of Americana, freedom soaked images.

Within the first couple weeks their engine broke in half. They spent most of their money getting it fixed, just to realize that the crook mechanic just glued the block back together. That was when they set up a souvenir store to buy postcard size prints of their travels. Since then they have received a ton of support and the trip is as strong and aimless as ever.

If you want to soak up some campvibes, starring a couple of cute girls and whoever they encounter along the way,
Check out their photo sets on their site www.OURWILDABANDON.com
and give them a follow on instagram: @ourwildabandon