Tabletops with James Van de Kamp

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Invert in Idaho
All photos by Tony Archibeque Jr.

There is one trick in BMX that will gain anyone instant respect. The tabletop. James Van de Kamp can snap them with the best. On his recent trip to Texas Toast with Tony Archibeque Jr., I tasked him with shooting the greatest tabletop of all time. Hyperbole aside, they came back with a bunch of great shots.

AG: Why should people care about the tabletop?
JVDK: People should care about tabletops because they feel and look awesome. A good table high in the air is awe-inspiring to see, and the feeling you get when you crank a good one is simply glorious.

james 1
Classic table somewhere on the road to Texas

AG: What makes a good table?
JVDK: A good table starts with getting both knees over the toptube. Getting the bike flat or past flat is obviously key as well. A lot of people like to see the bars turned, but i go on a case by case basis, any degree of bar turnage can look rad, whether they’re turned 90 degrees like Justin Inman’s, or not at all like Anthony Watkinson.

james 2
One footed opposite table in Utah

AG: Who has the best tables in bmx?
JVDK: The best table in BMX is a tough question. The classic Inman table is a contender, so is Chris Doyle’s folded invert. Chase Hawk cranks a mean table as well. Tazz Hernandez probably does the most inverted inverts around. Travis Sexsmith does the best tables I’ve seen with my own eyes, but I reckon Benn Pigot from Australia does the best tables ever. He does one in Stay Fit that is simply glorious. Tables are pretty subjective though, other people will have other opinions, but thats mine.

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