Interview: Mike McKinlay


Photo: Judah Oakes

Growing up, I knew Mike McKinlay as the skater that all of my friends looked up to. Mike and his brother Sam ran a local skate shop and had sections in videos next to Ryan Smith. Outside of the things we knew him for, Mike also had a passion for nature and documentary filmmaking which eventually became his chosen occupation.

Travis Collier has long been one of Canada’s most respected flatlanders. Before the recent wave of flatland and street intermingling, Travis was, for a long tome, one of the few world class flatlanders riding a normal looking bike and mixing the two. He has a unique and fluid style, and is well rounded within and outside of bmx.

Mike and Travis collaborated on a three part series of short films a couple of years ago that was both thoughtful and visually impressive. It was a unique circumstance where Mike had just enough distance from bmx to bring a fresh perspective, but enough exposure and appreciation to engage the subject and do it justice. Travis was able to tell a relatable story with subtlety and insight, and his riding is always a treat to watch.

SPOTS, the second film in the series, has been chosen to air on the Knowledge Network as part of a series called Take Me Home. The series that touches on what “home” means to different musicians, artists, and other celebrities that live in BC and will air regularly in prime time.