Trevor Oleniuk – The Goldfi Van


My friend Trevor Oleniuk is doing what most of us only dream of. He bought himself a van, fitted it with custom cabinets and a bed, packed in some camping gear and his bike, and is hitting the road. He’s headed south from Saskatoon to New Orleans for the 7th annual Flatland Voodoo Jam, then through Texas and New Mexico, towards California and up the west coast until Vancouver. You can follow him on his travel blog The Goldfi Van, and look for a gallery of photos to come at the conclusion of his maiden voyage. Best of luck Trevor and stay safe. You can check out a map of his proposed route after the link.


3 thoughts on “Trevor Oleniuk – The Goldfi Van”

  1. tell him to roll through Santa Rosa, CA and ill hook him up for the time waaaay back in the day I didn't know anything and sold him some odyssey cranks with some beat bearings! always felt guilty!

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