Riding the Long White Cloud

This is a different story about Canadians traveling, riding bikes, and hitting up awesome skateparks. Riding the Long White Cloud was a documentary about a bunch of pro skaters (including Chris Haslam, Keegan Sauder, and Rick McCrank) riding road bikes around New Zealand and skating along the way. It’s a nice reminder that Fuel TV occasionally does something great, and it looks like an amzing adventure.

Having done a similar trip years ago, this is no walk in the park. They covered a lot of ground in 12 days, and the weather is not always cooperative over there. The parks in New Zealand are unique, and really fit well with the spirit of the trip.

Even with the pretentious narrative, this video manages to create a cohesive theme and go beyond the traditional road trip/road trip video (which is typically just kind of random). It reminds me of videos like Take it or Leave it and the T1 web videos in that it has something holding it together.

Summer is almost here. I’m planning a road trip. Are you?