Bobby’s Book

This past weekend Brad Hill, or Bobby as he is known, gave me a copy of his new photo book, simply titled Bobby’s Book. Despite sharing his photographs on this site, in the pages Union Press, various BMXFU projects, and the odd magazine publication, he still had an overspill of photographs that deserved to be showcased and shared. He did what few people seem to do nowadays and self published his own full colour zine of photographs of his friends and where he’s from. Each photo steers clear of the all-too-common low fisheye angle exaggeration that is common in BMX photographs. Using a multitude of different analog cameras and films, the images are each laid out with careful consideration to the page’s background and hand written captions are scrawled in marker on scraps of paper. If you wanted to get a physical copy of the book you are unfortunately out of luck, as they are already all gone and spoken for. Despite that, Bobby put up a digital copy that you can flip through, and hopefully it inspires others to shoot more photos and share it with their friends.

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