Carts of Darkness

Carts of Darkness by Murray Siple, National Film Board of Canada

For those who haven’t seen it, Carts of Darkness is a documentary about a group of homeless guys in North Van who bomb hills on shopping carts. It’s a great combination of entertaining gnarly stuff and serious subject matter. And it has a badass soundtrack. I was thinking about this film today for some reason, and though it was worth a post.

Carts of Darkness also has a loose BMX connection through one of the guys behind the lens. Mike McKinlay worked as a videographer on the film – If that name sounds familiar, he produced a series of short pieces with Travis Collier that were pretty memorable. Mike’s brother Sam also had a rad photo in Chase from the old Winfield park, which (legend has it) the two designed to look like a something that would either shock or amuse incoming air traffic. Check some of Mike’s work out here.