Sunday Submissions: Justin Schwanke + Wayne Hartman & Matt Perrin + Nathan Hines

“A coaster, a cassette, a race bike and an airplane. There’s a bit of everything in this…”
Justin Schwanke sent in this diverse video. What sold it for me was the tune and the bold choice to include race footage. Click below for a couple other submissions from Winnipeg’s Wayne Hartman & Matt Perrin and also Vancouver Island’s Nathan Hines.

Stoked to see some Winnipeg locals shredding mid winter, Wayne Hartman and Matt Perrin made the trip to WInkler the other day and this is the result. Pretty sure I saw a can can nose wheely amongst a bunch of other rad stuff from these two shredders.

Rayden Wickdrop sent in this collection of 12 clips Nathan Hines banged out in Vancouver Island.