Dark Days


It’s getting cooler, wetter, darker and even snowy in spots across Canada. Fall is in full force and winter is right around the corner, here’s a good watch for anyone who enjoys documentaries out there.

Dark Days was created by British film maker Marc Singer and features a soundtrack by DJ Shadow. The film follows a group of people living in an abandoned section of the New York City underground railway system, more precisely the area of the so-called Freedom tunnel which stretches North from Penn station past Harlem. Without giving too much away, Singer lived with the tunnel residents for a number of months, he decided to create a documentary in order to help them financially . During filming, Amtrak announced they would be forcibly evicting the homeless living in the tunnels in order to reroute their trains through the tunnel. This announcement, plus the police presence backing the decision, prompted Singer and photographer Margaret Morton to go to the coalition for the homeless for help. Eventually, Singer and Morton managed to secure housing vouchers from the department of housing and urban development for the film’s subjects, which enabled them to move out of the tunnels and into their own apartments. Cinevision, a New York City camera shop, supplied Singer with cameras for the two-and-a-half years of filming. When Singer ran out of money for film, Kodak supplied free damaged film for the project.