Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff #3

“hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months! Monday night, after watching the elections, I was actually at a godspeed you, black emperor! concert, seeing the conservatives take over the Majority here in Canada, I kinda felt concerned.  I mean, watching these men ramble on about what they will do and how they will make our future shine, and then once they are in power nothing really happens. I kinda felt like I did that with my music posts on here. I mean im not stealing your money and using it for things that should not be a priority but anyways. Like Steven Harper, I don’t want to go into details about why and stuff, but in my case let’s just say that sometimes life kicks you in the face and it takes a little while to get back up. Anyways, I put together some tracks that are in the mood of this spring here in montreal, slow to start but here to stay! OK, I’ll shut up, here’s the link and the track list”

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1: You – We Are Trees

2: Do You Believe in Destiny? – The Fresh and Onlys
3: Open Rhythms – Bodies of Water
4: Slow Slow Tune – My Morning Jacket
5: Remember – Alexander
6: Have You? – Coma Cinema
7: The Altar – Wye Oak
8: Old Song – Sutcliffe Catering Co.
9: Back – Julian Lynch
10: Alter Ego – Tame Impala
11: Shame, Shame – Dr. Dog

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