Mad Monday with Roode

“Hello yeahhhhhh mad Monday’s back bitches. First off I’d like to tell all you cats to get at embassy n cop that new stay mad piff featuring my beautiful ┬ámean mug. Show ur support to embassy n rep that.
So on to the mad Monday.bosses at wrk. Now unfortunately some people do luck out n get a good manger or boss or supervisor. But for the rest of us salty dicks out there we get these fuck heads for bosses. Now I’ve just had two days off n they were greatn now I gotta back to my place of employment n look at this big headed cocksucker. Neways the point I’m trying to make here is we all got shitty people leading us in the big picture so whenever u get a chance give em a swift kick in the balls n fuk em over. Fuk the man don’t let the man fuck you
List of shitty bosses
Office space – bill lumbergh
Simpsons -seymour  burns
The office- steve carrell”

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