“I wasn’t going to do a mad Monday today because I’m happy. Day off , Greg Henry’s in town. U know nothing to mad about. So I decided to do adult stuff instead of riding. So one of my friends laugh n say u ain’t no adult (Jason Vawter), this coming from a 30 yr old American fuck.  This American Adult was soo drunk a few weeks ago all he wanted to was wreck stuff, basically in my house there’s now parts from my neighbors cars which an adult decided to remove with the help of four loko, caribou beer, n a few swift kicks. Way to go fuck pants. Steal from the rich not my broke ass neighbors. Fucking Yankee greengo hahhaha.  What I’m mad about right now is the fact some roommates, don’t have the same cleaning standards. Can’t put shit away, leaves they dishes,garbage on the table. Don’t have a clue how to recycle (in Vancouver it’s mandatory ) n these r little things that piss me off. I know my mad Monday readers can relate to this, unless u live at home still n ur problems  focus around getting ur parents outta the house so u can finally beat that pussy up u been wrking on for the last few months. Get sum lil mad Monday pimps, it ain’t soo bad when u mad.” Roode