Inner City Circle Premiere

06 Dec Inner City Circle Premiere

This past Saturday, December 4th, Toronto’s Inner City Circle premiered their new video. After some time since their last release, George Carijutan put a video together with full parts from Chris Silva, Byron Lo, George Carijutan, and Drifter Dave while broken up with a mix part, pools/trails part and a mini garage ramp part. The premiere brought out a diverse crowd with ICC alumni, Mike Wilkinson, Rexdale Jimmy, Mike Heaton, some younger Toronto riders, and even a crew from Niagara Falls. If you want to watch a video that portrays street riding in the city, without over editing and a ‘raw’ look and feel to it, look no further. Not really sure how to get a copy, but they will likely be popping up soon (someone let us know). Click below to see a few more poorly shot photos from the evening.

Partial crowd shot.

George raffling off some prizes.

Chris Silva is stoked when he shows up late to a premiere.