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13 Jun Muffin and Pedal Road Trip: Slocan & Nelson

Our friends over at Muffin and Pedal just put together an awesome 2 part road trip edit along with photos of their roadtrip from Vancouver to Kelowna and Nelson, BC. The view out of the tent at the beginning of the 2nd edit and the overall vibe of both edits makes me super stoked for our Summer Of Fun contest. This trip/edit is what riding BMX is all about, amazing job boys! Featuring Slade Scheerer, Colin Peter Fried, Paul Moffat and Zach Rampen, filmed and edited by Paul and Zach. Read on to see both edits and be sure to check out Muffin and Pedal for a bunch of radness.

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04 Dec Zach Rampen self edit

You probably remember Zach Rampen for his Slade edit, and 2011 mix edit, in the above edit we get to see Zach shred in front of the lens rather than behind. This edit is dope for alot of reasons but I’m really feeling the Salmon Arm/ chill BC atmosphere/ good song, along with all the sick shit Zach does throughout. Thanks for hooking this up Zach.

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14 Nov Zach Rampen 2011 Edit

Zach Rampen hooked up this dope 2011 edit, filmed over the course of 2011 in Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Vancouver and Kamloops, BC. Featuring Slade Scherer, Pat McGogy, Colin Fried, Kris Conn, Zach Rampen, Richard Gregory, Kyle Lightfoot, Jim Hodge, Matt Desson, and Amos Franke. Thanks a ton for hooking this up Zach, you da man. Be sure to check out Zach’s site, Oh So visual.

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23 Aug Slade Scherer edit

Zach Rampen hooked us up bigtime with this dope edit of Slade Scherer shredding hard. There’s a bunch of crazy icepicks in here, and a bunch of other crazy shit, Slade killin it on the streets.

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