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28 Nov Chris Silva MCNLBC Remix

Here’s the Chris Silva MCNLBC remix edit, since Youtube and Vimeo had some issues with the original song, Zach Rampen re-edited the footage into this. Now if only it was crispy Hd footage right Silva?

“Chris Silva produced a ton of great stuff while he was down at our Long Beach house last year and his resulting edit got a ton of views. Unfortunately, using a Beatles track for it ruffled some feathers (legally) and it was recently taken down so we decided to put together a remix edit. Press play and watch Silva rip some pegless moves all over the LBC.” – MacNeil Bikes

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01 Jul MacNeil Island Getaway

MacNeil‘s Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy, and Greg Flag took a trip to Vancouver Island last month, and Zach Rampen put together this edit of their time. Bikes, beers, camping, and hatchet throwing. Greg Flag even ends up in a bush. Check out the video above, then head over to their micro site for a gallery of great photos by Brad Hill.

island getaway

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15 Jan Zach Rampen Photo Gallery on Ride

Zach Rampen Photo Gallery

Zach is a rad photographer and a rad dude. Jeff Z. hooked him up with a photo gallery on the RideBMX site, the first fully Canadian gallery to be featured on Ride. Check it out here to see a bunch of dope photos (including the photo of Greg Flag above) and to find out more about this part time Embassy contributor.

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22 Nov Amos Franke Vancouver Summer 2012 by Zach Rampen

“Here is a little edit of Amos Franke. There clips where compiled before he broke his collar bone and fractured his pelvis this summer. The initial plan was do go for a fully rounded edit. With obvious setbacks, we have Amos doing what he does best. Techin’ out on anything in his path.”
– Zach Rampen

Amos does some ridiculous stuff on the UBC slants in here amongst other things including a crazy banger. Put together wonderfully by Zach Rampen, thanks boys! Heal up Amos, we want to see a full edit in 2013 (apparently the above edit was filmed in only a few days).

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10 Oct Mat Ridgeway edit by Zach Rampen

Mat Ridgeway shreds on a bike and Zach Rampen shreds behind the lens, pretty damn good combination and pretty damn good results! Mat takes a real different approach to riding and it’s alot of fun to watch, real fast and refreshing. This edit is the best thing you’ll see in a while, check it out and then watch it again!

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