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06 Dec Weird & Revered – High Fashion Mixtape

Justin sent through this rad mixtape he pieced together with some leftover footage from their Vagabond Squad DVD.

Riders: Thomas Henderson, Tyler Horness, Duke Thomson-Kurz, Ted Bambrick, Brodie Gwilliam, Sean Tiffin, Justin Schwanke, Logan Kirzinger, Kyle Lafleur, Colin Reimer, Andrew MacLeod, Mark Stanway, Eddie Anderson, Jesse Baraniuk, Percy Marshall, Taylor Marleau, Mitchel Johnson, Joe Weidman, Derek Bolz, Cary Lorenz, James Dean, Kolbi Watier, Brian Sveinson, and Pearce Grubisich

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27 Mar Weird & Revered: No Cows in Cow Town

Like a fine wine or an aged Whiskey, Canada has had it’s hidden gems of riders, cities and spots for years and Calgary is one of them. “Calgary, Alberta is a world class city for street spots and skateparks. The rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet.”

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23 Jan Weird & Revered – Rural Ruckus

Justin Schwanke came through with his newest installment of Weird & Revered which features him and his homies riding their crazy backyard ramp setup. Pedaling through grass to get speed would be crazy hard, but these dudes manage to make it look easy.

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24 Oct Weird & Revered: Country Livin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered dudes have been dropping some dope stuff lately but this takes the cake for me. Schwanke and Colin Reimer ride some super tight minimalist woods setups in this Bush League inspired video. Can’t get over the first crash clip, gap to power box clips were out of control, and they ride an old rickety trailer probably 10 different ways. Reminds me of being 12, not even knowing what BMX was and piling plywood on top of homies bikes to make ramps. Loved this one.

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25 Aug Weird & Revered – Vagabundos en España

“Back in May I was in Barcelona for a study abroad program. This was my second time visiting the city. Although I didn’t get to ride as much as I intended due to school commitments, I made a deliberate effort to take in as much as possible this time around. With this video I wanted to capture not only some great travel memories, but also the vibes of the city. I’m a huge fan of live music and Barcelona is rich with street performers. The entirety of the video features street music I filmed when out riding or touring the city with friends. I also spent a great deal of time collecting B-Roll footage. I would often carry a camera in my pocket when wandering around or even commuting to school. As blown out as Barcelona may seem in the BMX world, it truly is a remarkable place; It’s a place filled with a vibrant outdoor culture, weird characters, and of course plenty of spots. I hope this video portrays some of the city’s nuances and perhaps inspires a few more people to experience it for themselves.” Justin Schwanke

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11 Jul Weird & Revered: 6 Wheels

Another sick one from Justin Schwanke and co. As Ian mentioned on their last edit, you can always count on original goodness from these guys and this edit is no exception. “Weird & Revered is an adamant supporter of equality as indicated in this latest cinematic production. Say no to discrimination.”

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