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Colin Thiessen At The Winnipeg Warehouse

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This video filmed and edited by Carl France of Colin Thiessen at the Winnipeg Warehouse is really good. Plenty of creative moves and speed for such a small space. A couple homie clips from Wayne Hartman, Matt Perrin, and Carl in there too. Start your morning off with watching this.

Da Peg Show Mixtape

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Damn, there’s something in the water in Winnipeg. Da Peg Show is back with this banger 5 minute mixtape. Even fresh off the heels of the Colin ‘N Franz edited from a few weeks ago, these guys produced an amazing new edit. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Shawn Franz is a name you should remember. The hop 5 at the 5:00 mark was a move of grace, and you either have grace or you don’t. Lots of great riding from him, Louelle Smith, Colin Thiesen (butt slide at 1:07), Wayne Hartman, and plenty more.

Wayne Hartman edit by Matt Perrin

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This is dope, Matt Perrin put together this edit of Wayne Hartman shredding around the Winnipeg/Kenora area over the last two summers. Any footage of Wayne is always amazing and this is no expection!

Repset Teaser

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New Repset teaser is dope as hell. Super well put together by Beal, including some funny Canadian quotes from that 70′s show and some really dope clips from Winnipeg locals including Matt Perrin, Carl Wood and Wayne Hartman. Wayne’s last few clips are ridiculous, god damn!

Wayne Hartman by Matt Perrin

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Damnnn, Winnipeg bringing some heat in the dead of winter! Here’s some footy Matt had of Wayne Hartman shredding the Winnipeg warehouse from last winter, filmed and edited by Matt Perrin. Thanks for hooking this up homies!

Matt Perrin Embassy Edit

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Matt Perrin put together this dope edit of himself and friends (Wayne Hartman & Shawn Franz) shredding Winnipeg and surroundings. Matt has an awesome style (almost a mix of David Grant/ Tom White) and takes shit to some bigger street “fire” spots making this edit a real good watch.

“I’ve been filming on and off for roughly the last two years and here is a taste of what I have filmed. My friends and I have filmed in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Minneapolis, St. Catharines. More Videos soon! ENJOY!”
- Matt Perrin

Big thanks to Matt for hooking this up, looking forward to more edits!

Dave Hawthorne Photo: Wayne Hartman

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This was taken on a rooftop that’s better than some skateparks. But it’s a pain in the ass to get on. First you have to climb on the first building, then walk across the top wall for eight feet. On the day I shot this the cops came and we all tried to run. As any photographer or filmer can attest, I was the last one out. By the time I ran across the wall to the second building, everyone tossed their bikes and jumped. Jumping off buildings with camera equipment sucks. Anyway, Wayne Hartman spins the bars over one of the big hips, warming up, right before the cops showed up.
- Dave Hawthorne

The Wayne Hartman Interview

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To be honest, when I first hit up Wayne about this interview I didn’t know much about him. I knew he killed it on a bike, and everyone who has ever met him had a lot of good things to say. After putting together this interview I completely agree with everything anyone has ever told me about him. From moving away from his small hometown (population 4366), his dirt roots, to reasons he loves being a Canadian and a number of other topics, this interview covers just about it all. Wayne is a true Canadian BMXer/shredder, so read on. Huge thanks goes out to David Hawthorne for shooting these awesome photos.


Winnipeg Trip by Braden Burym

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A few Regina/Saskatoon, SK dudes made the trip to Winnipeg this past weekend and this is the result. Filmed by Braden Burym, featuring Jarek Mus, Colin Lang, Matt Perrin, Wayne Hartman and Steve Kowalsky. Spring is in the air, let the road trips begin.

Joyride 150 Session

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I’m real late on posting this one but better late than never. As most know the Notro Jam in Toronto is a huge event every year. Some of the best Pro’s in the world travel far and wide to compete in the contest. But there is another side of that weekend that doesn’t get the shine the contest does, but I’m sure most enjoy more and that’s the nightlife/chill sessions that are always present. It’s always great to get a bunch of like-minded individuals together who don’t necessarily know each other and after a session or a couple beers everyone is good friends.

This edit is from one session at the Joyride 150 Skatepark. Dudes from all over the country showed up to session the park and it turned out to be a great time. I’d like to thank the guys at Joyride for opening the park up early and espiecally Harley Haskett for making sure everyone got in and things ran smoothly.

I hope Notro next year is the best year yet, hope to see everyone there.

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