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27 Apr Lynden Chartrand Interview Ft. Andy McGrath

Photo Credit: Andy McGrath.

Back in December 2020 when we were planning our re-launch for the Northern Embassy, the admin team released an audience survey. Our aim was to get some insights on our community so we could build out content that people would be stoked on. Andy McGrath was one of about a hundred riders who submitted responses. In his survey submission, he shared a private link to a video he filmed of Lynden Chartrand. I’d seen Lynden’s name pop up periodically in random BMX media before, but I honestly wasn’t too familiar with his riding. I watched the video and immediately shared it with the admin team. After viewing 4+ minutes of hammers and exceptional spot use, it was clear we wanted to learn more about the guy. I reached out to Lynden and Andy to see if they’d be down for an interview. They obliged and a few months later, here we are. Dive in to get to know one of Canada’s grittiest 20-something street riders… 

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31 Jan Enns’ Barrier Spot Gallery @ Volume Bikes


Volume Bikes just posted an awesome new gallery of photos of Jason Enns putting a hurt on a secret barrier spot that he took members of their team too. To make it even better, the photos were apparently shot in a matter of 30 minutes, and a warm-up to his next ‘secret’ spot. If you follow Jason on Instagram you would be familiar with his seemingly daily escapades of spot searching that leave anyone in Canada (or anywhere) suffering the cold climates seething in jealousy. I had a hard time picking my favourite out of the series but settled on this classic Enns-esque invert, but do yourself a favour and check out the rest here.

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