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16 Jan You Betcha

Winnipeg Local Matt Perrin sent this awesome joint through.

“- Weekend in the Twin Cities –
Harvey Walker
Charles Darroch
Colin Thiessen
Josh Clarke
Matt Perrin
Film/Edit: Rahlin Rigsby
Photography : Harvey Walker & Rahlin Rigsby
Winnipeg Manitoba, CA – Hull City, UK – Yorksire, UK”

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05 May Chris Cadot in the UK


BMX and traveling go hand in hand. Whether it’s a trip to a foreign city in search of new spots, an adventure to a new park you’ve never ridden before, or even a trip overseas to visit a loved one. It’s just one of the many amazing things about BMX. Hopefully Chris Cadot’s recent trip to the UK inspires you to take a trip soon.

“From March 31st – April 17th I managed to make the trip over the pond to visit my girlfriend Sam in Worcester, England. We were able to do a bit of traveling during my stay visiting Wales, Oxford, Ireland and London. Thanks again to my good buddy pally Scott Barker and Allana for letting me crash on their futon for a few days and to me mates for showing me around London. Here’s a few photos from many to recap a bit of my trip to the United Kingdom.”
– Chris Cadot

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