Tyler Rizzi

Justin Skinner – 2015

Chances are if you’ve ever ridden Joyride 150, you’ve probably rode with or met Justin Skinner. Skinner made the transition from Skinner MTB to Skinner BMX a while back and hasn’t looked back since. Filmed/ edited by Tyler Rizzi.

Mitch Radcliffe – WInter edit

You may remember Mitch Radcliffe from his crazy 6th place NE hidden gems edit last year , well he hasn’t slowed down. Here’s some footage he filmed at Joyride over the winter with Tyler Rizzi, tons of original moves and variety from this dude!

Dorian Giordano | Welcome to 3 Ride

[youtube id=”-wWwdHW_e-Q”] Chances are that if you’ve ever ridden Joyride at some point or other, you’ve probably seen or met Dorian Giordano. Dorian is only 11 but his bike riding is not what you’d expect from a typical 11 year old. Expect big things from this little shredder! Filmed and edited by Tyler Rizzi.