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08 Mar Mason Gray Welcome to the Make BMX Crew

Dwok/Pole Jam’s/Dabventure’s Mason Gray finds time to shred in between being an all around bad ass/ BMX enthusiast and has earned himself a spot on the Make. Put together by none other than Jack Leonard, you know this is not your typical cookie cutter edit. Check back soon for a feature we’ve been cooking up with Mason for a couple weeks now.

Everywhere Always

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23 Nov The Make: Vancouver 2015

Could this week possibly get any better? The Make in Vancouver: Clarky editing/filming/shredding, Marv, Tommy C, CEOrlando, Bobby Hill, Hango, Wozzy, Shaun Hadlington, VX footy, lots of unseen/unclipped at Vancouver spots, stop reading this dingus and watch the edit already.

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10 Sep The Make Prize Pack Winner – Trent Barker

This was a favorite over here for a few reasons:
– using your own karaoke soundtrack in an edit takes balls
– it’s creative
– showcases good times with buds
– Tbone’s tricks are unique and all on street

For all these reasons and more Trent Barker earned himself The Make prize pack. A huge thanks to The Make for hooking this up and be sure to check out their site here and re-watch return to the 36 chambers here.


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29 Jul The Make – Eye Sore 10

Orlando is back with another short edit for his proverbial bike company The Make. Short and sweet is how you can describe it, and nowhere else will you see a blend of UK riders like Tommy Curtain, Chicken, and Marv alongside west coast Canadians such as Jeff Evans, Brad Hill, Andrew Schubert, and Jordan Hango. Oh, and not to mention Rick Flair.

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