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12 Nov Texas Toast Photo Gallery By Trevor Oleniuk

We weren’t able to travel to Austin this year’s Texas Toast Jam, but fortunately for us a handful of Canadian flatlanders were. One of which was Trevor Oleniuk who carried a camera around with him to capture the weekend. He sent over a selection of different photos that he recently developed and a few words about his time in Texas so click below to read what he has to say and check it all out.

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27 May Texas Toast Jam

I haven’t been as stoked on a bmx event/ jam as I am for this in a very long time. How fun does this look? A gauntlet, trails, curved wall, flat rail and a bunch more stuff, sounds like a real good time. Props to Odyssey for doing this, you know they put a shit load of work into it. We need an event/jam like this to become a yearly event in Canada. Check here for all the details/news.

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