07 Jul #TBT Dillon Lloyd – Eclat Pro

This Dillon Lloyd era was a little more leanz and a little less gainz. He was loving SD footage, living in Van and then Cali, chose a non rap song, still rocking a cassette hub, 2-3 pegs, the early Dill days really. The only thing that hasn’t changed from then to now is how ridiculous every clip in this is, especially his last truck.

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28 Apr TBT Corey Dewey – Ten Pack Video

Been feeling nostalgic today and stumbled onto this beaut on the hard drive so decided to post a late TBT. You’re favorite riders actual favorite rider, Corey Dewey put in work for the Ten Pack video which earned him last section. Hard to believe the Ten Pack video is already 5 years old, give the full vid another watch here while you’re at it. If you think for a second Dewey doesn’t still kill it, you couldn’t be more wrong.

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26 Nov NE 5 year Anniversary TBT

Screen shot 2015-11-26 at 11.44.29 AM

So we had a few ideas for this, one of which was to pick one clip from the over 200 edits we’ve been fortunate enough to create/ host over the five years and create an epic TBT edit but it was simply too hard to choose one clip per edit honestly! Instead here’s a look back on some of our favorites over the years. Do not click this unless you have a good amount of free time, there’s a ton of good ones to enjoy!

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19 Nov Special TBT – Kill BMX Vancouver

Today we are fortunate enough to feature a very special Throwback Thursday courtesy of Braeden Barnard.

” In the Early 2000’s, Vancouver was lucky enough to have some of the biggest pros and Darren Bolton behind the lens showcasing Vancouver’s scene. Tons of local spots that are still getting hit today were ridden and a few magazine covers in there.

KILL BMX was tagged all over the local parks when RDS was trying to have a hard image on the west coast. Bitching on the daily until truck barns K.O’d Chalmers and threw him in Hastings.

This video is the ABD reference manual around here”

Featuring Jay Miron, Dave Osato, Dustin Guenther, Rob Sigaty,  Darren Bolton, Ron Mercer, Dom Mach, Wade Nelson, Greg Nicholson, Rob Parsons, Luke Hurdle, Jason Enns, Jamie McIntosh, Darcy Saccucci, amongst other Canadian legends, this is truly the earliest of Canadian BMX in all it’s glory.

“Go Make your own video, support your own scene

Skatepark rules: -no bikes – no pegs  FUCK THAT” Kill BMX


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05 Mar TBT – Chris Silva

With a buzz around Toronto’s X-Jam this weekend, what better time to post this TBT 2013 Animal edit of Chris Silva. Chris Silva is one of the esteemed judges at X-jam this year so be sure say hello and get your bribes in before your heats.

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08 Jan TBT – Mike Fiz

Montreal OG, whiskey appreciator/connoisseur, glass cutting expert and music fanatic, Mike Fiz has had some issues with a bad break on his wrist the last couple of years but continues to lurk in the shadows of Montreal’s streets and alleys. This edit goes back 4 years to December 2011 but is really a testament to Mike Fiz’s riding and spot selection, filmed and edited by Pierre Gauthier.

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30 Oct TBT – Greg Flag from Presence

When Ian Fleming suggested this edit for TBT I was super stoked. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen some Greg Flag footage and if there’s anything this world could use more of it’s Greg footage.

Greg is the kind of guy who can film a video part in a few days. In fact, the first time I ever met Greg we filmed a clip of the craziest thing I’d ever seen done at the Montreal Olympic stadium, at that time. Greg moved to Montreal from Halifax somewhere around 2007.

A few interesting facts about this part, we filmed this Presence dvd over the course of a year and made trips from Montreal to Toronto, Boston, NYC, Philly, Burlington, Quebec city, and more. Greg was really into David Bowie at the time. The Montreal scene was really tight at this time but Greg and Corey Dewey were really pushing each other riding wise and it was amazing to see. Every spot they’d have ideas for each other and you’d often hear them say “I’ll try this if you try this” which almost always lead to them rolling away from something crazy.

The very last Presence DVD will be filmed over the course of 2015, stay tuned.

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23 Oct TBT – Hoby Gumbler

As good as it is, the web is a black hole, where great edits can be forgotten in days. Every Thursday we’ll be featuring an edit that is/was rad and deserves more shine time. Starting with Vancouver’s Chris Smith and this beauty from 2010, filmed by Surrey Steve. Chris is a legend to say the least, I can’t think of too many guys who have been a part of the Vancouver scene longer than he has. Chris’ riding has always been fast, dialed and super fun to watch. HEVIL

If you have an edit in mind that you feel should be posted up under our TBT, send it via the contact & submissions page.

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