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01 Sep Macneil Part 1 Boston/NYC

How crazy is this, part 1 of Macneil’s Boston/NYC trip featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Dillon Lloyd, Chris Silva and Chris Martindale via Props TV. Watch it in 516p for best quality.

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23 Aug Stay Glad, It’s Summer Mix

I’ve been slacking on the Embassy edits lately but I’m stoked on this one. Stay Glad Summer Mix featuring Justin Kirnan, Justin Hughes, Matt Desson, Greg Flag, James Steele, Prashant Gopal, Dillon Lloyd, Loren Lyftogt, Ras Gravesen, Ryan Hiebert, Andy Roode, Matt Ridgeway, Taylor Elvy, special guests and myself. It’s sunny and warm, stay glad and ride bikes.

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20 Aug A Day in Cariboo County

When it comes time for quality guy stuff, you know you can count on manly man Lee Dennis to come through. He put this day edit together of Dillon Lloyd, Chris Henry, Jake Montgomery, Taylor Elvy, Greg Flag, and a mild appearance of Cory Beal for Cariboo Brewing. Hope you enjoy a little taste of Vanfuvers newest team riders.

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17 Aug Welcome to Macneil: Taylor Elvy

This has spread throughout the interweb this morning, and we thought it wouldn’t hurt to post it up here too. Taylor has been slowly getting a lot of coverage, and Jeremy worked hard with him for the past few months to put this Welcome to the Team edit together for Macneil. Check it out, and look for more from Taylor in the future.

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photo by Eric Marshall

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Dan Cook, you probably know he’s a great guy with a very funny personality. Besides the obvious English banter, he always seems to get himself into very funny situations. I’ve know Dan for a few years now and I’ve always looked up to his photos. He’s one of the few BMX photographers that tries his best to approach BMX with a different feel. “Nothing thrills me more then going out, thinking about a photo angle, setting up many flashes and catching it at the right time” he says. Click below for a few photos Dan has taken and some Q&A. If you want see more of his work take a look at his flickr.

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17 Mar Video Submission: Shit Clips V1.0

Shit clips started about five years ago when Mike Boag got a hold of a cheap mini dv camera.  From there he just brought the camera along when ever a crew would go out riding and clock a few clips.  Nothing serious just having fun filming some “shit clips” then editing it on windows movie maker.  Not much has changed since those days… Mike is back and equipped with a Gopro and final cut pro. While the vibe of the videos stays the same the production quality is now stepped up.  Check out the new Shit Clips above that was filmed on Mikes’ 9 day southern California vacation and hit us up at info@northernembassy.com if you want to submit your own videos.

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