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In December 2011, 11 Canadians made the trip to Barcelona for no other reason than having fun riding bikes with friends. And that we did. Looking back on this trip makes you realize that through all the craziness of life, it will be trips like that this that you always remember and cherish as some of the best times ever.

There was never any intention of putting this full length DVD online, but if it can serve as motivation to anyone who has not yet grabbed a copy of the DVD to take a trip with buddies it will have been worth it.

When’s the next Embassy trip boys?

Featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff EVans, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme, Albert Krolikowski, Luke Santucci, Prashant Gopal. Filmed by Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme and Luke Santucci.

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26 Feb Andy Roode Edit by Taylor Elvy

Taylor Elvy coming through with this dope edit of Andy Roode shredding Vancouver and surroundings during warmer times. As usual, Andy’s killin it in the streets. Hopefully this weather is only a couple months away for the rest of Canada. Thanks for hooking this up homies!

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03 Sep FFWDBMX: Vancouver Jibbin’

While Englishman Mike King was in Vancouver earlier this year filming this video with Dillon Lloyd for Vans, he stayed with riders across the city and put together this Vancouver mix edit from his leftover footage. Check out Taylor Elvy, Greg Flag, Adam Piatek, Dave Scott, Dillon Lloyd, and Matt Desson all getting down and go take a poke around the new FFWDBMX site.

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17 Jul MACNEIL X One Six mini ramp sesh

Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and friends shred the One Six mini ramp while they were over on the island a few weeks back. First person to comment with where this song was originally used wins an Embassy sticker pack.

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01 Jul MacNeil Island Getaway

MacNeil‘s Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy, and Greg Flag took a trip to Vancouver Island last month, and Zach Rampen put together this edit of their time. Bikes, beers, camping, and hatchet throwing. Greg Flag even ends up in a bush. Check out the video above, then head over to their micro site for a gallery of great photos by Brad Hill.

island getaway

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20 Feb Open Liquor 3 Trailer

I had been meaning to post the first trailer (seen above) for Dave Scott’s Open Liquor 3 for the past little while, and then this new one (seen below) edited by Taylor Elvy showed up online today. After having only recently watched Open Liquor 2, and spending some time around Dave Scott, I must advocate that you do the same. His videos can be described the same way you could describe him: a controlled mess, yet acutely on point.

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15 Feb VI BMX Circa 2005

Zane Hudson of Connected Brand fame contributed this section to our Kelowna scene video way back in 2005. It features some cool old footage of Taylor Elvy and Isaac Barnes, along with the sketchiest rail I’ve ever seen attempted. How sick is that bank to wall spot?

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