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09 Apr 2015 Northern Embassy Stickers by Colton Ponto


2015 Northern Embassy stickers will be available in the coming days at BMX Gallery 4130 in Calgary, Atlantis in Vancouver and Joyride 150 in Markham, ON. Stop by one of these fine establishments for a couple stickers and show them some love! They are Rad! If you aren’t anywhere near one of these three locations, shoot us an email with your full address and a reason why we should send you some freebies (

Colton Ponto really came through with this awesome logo and we can’t thank him enough, BMXers are best kind!


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26 Nov New Sticker Packs Available


We’ve got sticker packs back in stock again. We’ve been making stickers since day one, and all of the orders from our online store come with them for free, but we kept getting asked how to get just sticker packs. We packaged them up and them for sale for anyone that is interested. Comes with 6 high quality vinyl stickers for $2. You can pick them up here.

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15 May Artifacts From The Albion Issue 2 By Nick Ferreira

sticker pile

If you’re following us on Instagram you’ve probably seen me posting about stickers lately. They are an obsession that I still can’t shake, and nowadays I grow even fonder to old stickers that act as bookmarks to different periods of BMX in my life. I started writing a piece about this strange obsession and fascination with stickers almost two years ago for this site, then Nick Ferreira (of Holeshot Zine/Amigos/ESPN) wrote a very poignant and thoughtful piece about BMX’s appetite for stickers in The Albion Issue #2, and I thought why bother when he hit the nail on the head. The issue has been long available to view and read online here, but I just recently stumbled on the full article again and thought it would be a great time to share it. Read the first paragraph, then the rest of the article after the link. What’s your favourite sticker in your collection?

Collecting stickers, whether to save for the right moment, or cover your bike in an unrelated mess, is a BMX phenomenon that continues even in the increasingly digital landscape we live in. Kids typically plaster their bikes with any sticker, mid-schoolers have a Metal Bikes “Spade” logo they’ve been saving to put in the “perfect spot” for the past decade, and older guys still have that Club Homeboy sticker they’ve also been saving for two decades to place in that same elusive “perfect spot.” While these groups disagree about seat height, already-been-done tricks, and what company will go under next, one thing they can all agree on is stickers.

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25 Sep Northern Embassy Sticker Packs Now Available

We just put up sticker packs in the online store. You get 5 stickers (1 – 2.5″ Coast to Coast Anchor logo, 1 – 3″ Embassy National League logo, 3 – 1.5″ Embassy National Logo) for the low price of $0.61. The only reason their is a price attached to them is to cover the cost of a stamp when sending within Canada. Big thanks to Mike Samson at Twisted Sticker for all of his help.

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18 Apr They’re finally here!

Batch 2 of Embassy stickers finally rolled in. We got Stay Mad V2’s featuring El Rooder, Embassy Crest and the Embassy Logo. Hit us up to get your hands on some at and hook up some Facebook love by suggesting Embassy to your friends on there.

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