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18 Jul STAY MAD MONDAY: Poutine

Why is Quebec the only province who can make a good Poutine (and Poutine dogs)? They are really not that hard to make and yet every province outside Quebec can’t make them for shit. While we are on food, when is Chipotle going to open in Canada??????

* Secondary Editor’s Note: Chipotle is available at two locations in Toronto. Go get dat.

Gregoire’s Poutine and Poutine Dog, arguably the best poutines in Canada or even the world. Straight out of Ste-Martine, Quebec, if you are ever in Montreal, drive the 30 minutes to eat here, it’ll change your life forever.

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11 Jul Stay Mad Monday

This one comes from Andy Roode while he’s home on the east coast.

Hey ya’lllll it’s been a minute since I did a mad Monday jump off. K so here’s this weeks ……… So I recently have come back to my home town of Truro n.s. Now there’s a decent skatepark in my town which Is basically run by bmxers. Mind you Truro is a small town so when new people show up the locals know. Soo my first night there there’s no kids I know, which is fine headphones in ripping around. I’m riding having a good time and then one of the kids pop the infamous question — CAN U BACKFLIP ? My response “no”. Kid looks at me soo disappointed haha.
It’s just funny to me to see how some kids still think this is the trick that makes u a good rider.
So any kids out there who wanna get good go to your foam pits n water jumps n get ur backflips dialed in.
Oh n if ur a french Canadian and were in Vancouver on a plane. Don’t speak to me in French you fucks. That’s one goes out to Jeremy Deme. Or Jeremy Deme Burton. Stay mad french canadians we love u

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25 Apr Mad Monday with Roode

“Hello yeahhhhhh mad Monday’s back bitches. First off I’d like to tell all you cats to get at embassy n cop that new stay mad piff featuring my beautiful ┬ámean mug. Show ur support to embassy n rep that.
So on to the mad Monday.bosses at wrk. Now unfortunately some people do luck out n get a good manger or boss or supervisor. But for the rest of us salty dicks out there we get these fuck heads for bosses. Now I’ve just had two days off n they were greatn now I gotta back to my place of employment n look at this big headed cocksucker. Neways the point I’m trying to make here is we all got shitty people leading us in the big picture so whenever u get a chance give em a swift kick in the balls n fuk em over. Fuk the man don’t let the man fuck you
List of shitty bosses
Office space – bill lumbergh
Simpsons -seymour  burns
The office- steve carrell”

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21 Feb Stay Sad Monday?

“Andy asked his friends months ago if they wanted to go to Notro, they all said no. Weeks later, one of Andy’s friends tell him he’s going (just one person would make the hotel too expensive) so Andy declines. Now on Sunday Feb 19th, Andy finds out all his friends are going!!! So he’s mad!!!! But to be truthful, this mad monday came from a sad sunday.”

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