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The man in the shadows, Jeremy Deme, recently went on a trip touring a bunch of amazing indoor parks with five of his friends. It’s awesome to see a group of long term friends still hanging out and organizing trips like these!

“Five old friends took a 4 day trip to 4 indoor parks.
Featuring Oli Rousseau, Jo Botch, Simon Dravigne, Simon Trepanier, Jeremy Deme
Thanks to CRANX, RASP, Inflow & JOYRIDE150”

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27 Feb

For 2011 we are starting a Road trip feature, most bmxers have been on a road trip at some point or other and if you haven’t, you should definitely start planing one asap. In my opinion, road trips with buddies are a huge part of bmx and are almost always a guaranteed good time. We encourage anyone who’s doing a road trip this year to take some pictures, film a little edit and/or write a few words about the trip and send it in to .

The first of our Road trip starts in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Jo Boutch, Simon Dravigne and Simon Trepanier packed up and hit the road for Florida this January. Here’s a bunch of pictures from their trip and some words from Simon.

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19 Feb Random Photo: Simon Trep

Simon Trepanier has been a big part of bmx in Quebec/Canada forever. Ten years ago he was helping run one of the, if not the only indoor park in the entire province of Quebec (Trois-Rivieres). He rode and killed it at a bunch of metro jams in the am class and continues to kill it to this day. Simon took a trip to Florida in January to escape the Quebec winter and came back with this picture. I can’t imagine a better photo to describe Simon’s riding style than this one; fast, high and stylish. Photo taken by Simon Dravigne

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