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06 Aug Any Means Necessary – MACNEIL

Here’s a few reasons you shit hit play and watch MacNeil’s Any Means Necessary, if you haven’t seen it already on DVD:
– NE’s own Zach Rampen edited the entire video and did an amazing job. Getting footage from many different filmers in an assortment of formats could not have made this an easy task for Zach.
– Chris Silva put his heart and soul into his part spending months searching and clipping up. Easily a NORA cup nominated part and Silva’s best section, which says alot. (Starts at 22:15)
– Classic Jaumell Campbell, Greg Flag and Sam Lowe footy

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21 Feb Sam Lowe 2015 Edit – MCNL

We slept on this one somehow but better a couple days late than never. Sam Lowe has always been and will always be killin it. Mix his riding with Taylor Elvy filming/editing and you have this amazing edit.

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14 Apr MacNeil – Any Means Necessary

Posting this ‘exclusive’ trailer on here anyway because it features some of the Canada’s finest and it was put together by the man himself, Zach Rampen. Get stoked by any means, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, Adam Piatek, Jack Leonard, John Manaras, Jaumell Campbell, George Bolter, Amos Franke, Nathan Hines, Justin Hughes and more.

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12 Jan Leftovers, Extras & Phone Clips by Josh Zylstra

“Just a little Mix of leftover Phone clips, summer throwbacks and unused clips I wanted to put to something.”
– Josh Zylstra

Riders: Sam Lowe, Andy Roode, James Steele, Brian Serneels, JR, Josh Straat, Josh Zylstra, Derrick Pilger, Andrew King, Nick Meyer, Mackie

Cults – You Know what I mean
Ghostface Killah – Interlude

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17 Jul MACNEIL X One Six mini ramp sesh

Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and friends shred the One Six mini ramp while they were over on the island a few weeks back. First person to comment with where this song was originally used wins an Embassy sticker pack.

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01 Jul MacNeil Island Getaway

MacNeil‘s Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy, and Greg Flag took a trip to Vancouver Island last month, and Zach Rampen put together this edit of their time. Bikes, beers, camping, and hatchet throwing. Greg Flag even ends up in a bush. Check out the video above, then head over to their micro site for a gallery of great photos by Brad Hill.

island getaway

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13 Feb Throwback: Sam Lowe in Primo’s Nice Try

Almost every clip in Sam’s part from Primo’s Nice Try was dead man shit. This was the ender section of the DVD and for good reason, all this shit still holds up as nuts today and the DVD was released in 2009. A true Canadian legend who’s still killin’ it today.

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13 Nov Sam Lowe on MacNeil

Typically we try to avoid sponsorship news on here but this is HUGE! Legendary Canadian Sam Lowe has been added to the MacNeil team. Stoked to see what’s in store for 2013 for these guys.

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