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05 Jun Welcome to Riders Union – Calvin Albersworth and Kenidy Klassen

This is so good, Calvin Albersworth and Kenidy Klassen just got added to the Rider’s Union team and absolutely kill their local park of St. John, BC in one early morning session (6:30 am to 9am).

“Calvin Albersworth and Kenidy Klassen two local boys born and raised in Fort St.John B.C. absolutely destroy there home park in this welcome to Rider’s Union Edit. Stoked to have these two on the Team !! also interesting to see the difference between a tranny ridder and a jib rider.

This entire edit was filmed between 6:30am and 9am. These dudes are legit.” Rider’s Union

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06 Jul 2014 Rider’s Union

Don’t know too much about this edit besides it being put together by the homie’s at Rider’s Union and that’s really all you need to know! This dude does one of the best hang 5’s to whiplash I’ve ever seen. The whole edit is rad, give it a watch.

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