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26 Jan Chris Silva – Animal 2019

Fresh footage of Mr. Silva for Animal Bikes. This time he mixed it up and put 4 pegs on to tackle a few spots/tricks on his never ending list. Check out the full write up from Jeff Z on RideBMX to see what he’s been up to, and what keeps him searching.

Film: Landon Barnes & Ruthless Aussie
Edit: Landon Barnes

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10 Feb Chris Silva Freecoastin’

In the ever evolving sequence of Chris Silva edits, this new one on a freecoaster may have caught some people off guard. Chris has been testing a prototype MacNeil freecoaster for the last few months, and before the snow made us all shut-ins across Ontario, he filmed enough to put this edit together. Traditionalists fear not, as he has already returned to his faithful cassette hub, but you can read an interview with him about hubs, riding, California, Toronto, and more on the RideBMX site.

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