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03 Sep NE Five CLIP Fever entries

We received a ton of NE Five Clip Fever edits and they are all incredibly awesome in their own way! Judging is never easy but here’s a bunch of rad edits we received for the contest (in no particular order). If you don’t see your edit here, check back soon… you’ve likely won a prize pack.

The above edit is 12 year old Dorian Giordano who had some help to pull off an insane roof drop as his last/ banger clip. We can only imagine how good Dorian will be in a few months/ years!View Post

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20 Jan Port Hope’s Finest

Port Hope, ON’s finest which a bunch of rad park footy. Featuring Zac Ten Hoope, Tom Norman, Ricky Kehoe, Calvin Lorke, and a SUPER FILTHY fisheye lens, repin’ the port of hope in 2014!

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29 Dec Port Hope’s Finest

Lot’s of creative riding and rad spots/parks and most importantly good times from Port Hope’s finest. Featuring Tommy Norman, Ricky Kehoe, Connor Boycott, majority of the filming by Adam Monteith.

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26 Jul Ricky Kehoe: Two Wheeled Madness

We’ve had a lot of people contact us already telling us they are filming for our Hidden Gems contest, and Ricky Kehoe was one of them. He also sent us this video of himself from last summer which left us scratching our heads wondering why we hadn’t seen or posted it before. It’s a great example of a video with it’s own authentic style and creativity, which is what we like to see. Using a Joy Division track didn’t hurt either. We’re looking forward to what Ricky films this year for our contest too, and if you haven’t already, go check out all the rules and info for our Hidden Gems contest, which is open until September 23rd, and you and your filmer/editor could win some amazing prizes.

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