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26 Aug Sudbury 2013

Rich Redmond and a gang of Ottawa boys took their inaugural trip to Sudbury to ride trails, skateparks, and jump off of humungous bridges. More coverage and photos here.

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21 Jun Ottawa to North Carolina

Chris Chitaroni and a great crew from Ottawa all drove down to North Carolina to visit Canadian expat Roland Labreque, ride bikes and surf. The video came out amazing and aside from the typical hilarious buffoonery you would expect from Jeff Bedard, this video has some great helicopter shots. Who wants to go to the beach?

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11 Feb Too Young To Get Old

I am by no means a talented filmer or editor, but I do pull out my point and shoot camera (or in most cases my phone) from time to time to record. I collected a bunch of random stuff I had filmed between January 2012 and January 2013 and put together this short video.

In the last year I visited both ends of the country to stay with friends and made plenty of new ones, as well as had numerous friends come and stay with me in Toronto. At times I may jokingly call myself an old man and complain about my aches and pains, but when I look at my life and the people I surround myself with I cannot help but feel young and invigorated. This video is full of those people and places, as well as a few cute animals.

In order of appearance:
Patrick Krzyzanowski
Chris Silva
Jeff Bedard
Leland Nightingale
Rich Redmond
Phil Bartlett
Chris Langoid
Prashant Gopal
Greg Flag
Craig Robinson
Buck 65
Dillon Lloyd
Trent Barker’s fist

Old Canes – Black Hill Chapel

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22 May Toronto Trip By Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond is one of my oldest friends that still rides. For more than a decade his enthusiasm for riding and road trips has never died down. When he said he wanted to drive up from the Ottawa area to visit me in Toronto I was excited, and after three days I was exhausted. He put together this edit of his weekend in the city with some solo trips to parks on his way down and riding in the city from himself, Kyle Lafleur, Chris Silva, Leland Nightingale, Patrick Krzyzanowski, Miami Mike, and myself (Prashant Gopal).

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25 Apr Rich Red Pool Feature

Ottawa’s Rich Redmond has an awesome pool feature on his blog here. Check it out to see a bunch of awesome pool pictures from a bunch of Ottawa locals from the past few years, including the ridiculous funnel/sloped fullpipe thing below.

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11 Aug Ottawa to Barcelona

Earlier in the year there were rumblings in Ottawa of a possible trip to Barcelona. Barcelona is obviously known as THE destination for an endless array of unbelievable spots and beautiful beaches, things that don’t immediately come to mind when you think of Ottawa. A few people had tentatively agreed, and as the summer crept closer, plans seemed to solidify, the fever swept the city, and the crew grew larger. Before long, it had ballooned in to a ten man Spanish holiday. Riders included Rich Redmond, Chris Chitaroni, (Crazy Fucking) Steve Moreau, Nick Stupich, Chris Bryan, Jay Leroux, Kyle Lafleur and Joe Delongchamp (Ace) from Sudbury, and ex-Ottawa residents Jeff Bedard and Marc Boudreau.

Rich Redmond sent me a variety of riding, partying, and tourist photos from the trip, and a point form account of his impression of Barcelona. Click below to check it all out.

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28 Jun Joyride 150 Session

I’m real late on posting this one but better late than never. As most know the Notro Jam in Toronto is a huge event every year. Some of the best Pro’s in the world travel far and wide to compete in the contest. But there is another side of that weekend that doesn’t get the shine the contest does, but I’m sure most enjoy more and that’s the nightlife/chill sessions that are always present. It’s always great to get a bunch of like-minded individuals together who don’t necessarily know each other and after a session or a couple beers everyone is good friends.

This edit is from one session at the Joyride 150 Skatepark. Dudes from all over the country showed up to session the park and it turned out to be a great time. I’d like to thank the guys at Joyride for opening the park up early and espiecally Harley Haskett for making sure everyone got in and things ran smoothly.

I hope Notro next year is the best year yet, hope to see everyone there.

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29 May Video Submission: Ottawa May Mix

Rich Redmond sent through this edit he made of assorted clips he gathered throughout May. Monster trucks, go-karting, a go-pro attached to a dog, and arena shows. This edit has just about it all. It also has riding from Max Vincent, Ben Kaufmann, Jorden Guth, Rich Redmond, Jay Leroux, Nick Stupich, and plenty more Ottawa locals.

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06 May Video Submission: Rich Red

Rich Redmond sent through this video of footage of himself riding in Montreal, Ottawa, Sudbury, and Vancouver that he collected from 2009 – 2010, with a few dirt bike clips thrown in for good measure.

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