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01 Feb Confed – Cripple Cam by Kyle Hirschkorn

Kyle “Cheech” Hirschkorn knocks a few wobbly pops back with Mat Ridgeway, Rasmus Gravesen and Slade Scherer. The guys link up a few lines around Confederation Park and make the best of a sunny afternoon. Kyle is recovering from a recent surgery, with good vibes like these, I’m sure he will be back behind bars soon enough. What better way to keep up with the buds than, dusting off the camera and grabbing a few clips.

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23 Aug Stay Glad, It’s Summer Mix

I’ve been slacking on the Embassy edits lately but I’m stoked on this one. Stay Glad Summer Mix featuring Justin Kirnan, Justin Hughes, Matt Desson, Greg Flag, James Steele, Prashant Gopal, Dillon Lloyd, Loren Lyftogt, Ras Gravesen, Ryan Hiebert, Andy Roode, Matt Ridgeway, Taylor Elvy, special guests and myself. It’s sunny and warm, stay glad and ride bikes.

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06 Apr Igloo Sesh

Igloo Sesh with Matt Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci, Kurt Murseli and Ras Gravesen. Anyone who has ever riden here knows how tight it is, Ghetto Mansion kills the place.

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