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25 Feb PRESENCE LAST STAND – A few words with Jeremy Deme

I’ve always been fascinated by crew videos, to me they are the best representation of what biking is all about- riding around with your friends. The riding styles, the editing, the music, the b-roll or whatever gets throw in, it all gives you a glimpse into that group’s way of thinking and how they function. That’s something captivating that individual edits can never really do.

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12 Nov Presence ‘LAST STAND’ Promo

The Presence crew and videos have become synonymous with Canadian BMX. Heavy hitting visuals and chill vibes throughout. It’s a treat to see another stunning project coming our way from Jeremy Deme and friends. Presence will be releasing ‘Last Stand’ as their DVD project…we can only hope for a few more encores after that.

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07 Mar Presence Spring Throwback

I’ve always been a big fan of seeing winter as downtime, basically a reason to keep me really stoked to ride outside all spring, summer and fall. The best way to get through the long winter is to keep busy with other projects, whether it be hockey, snowboarding or riding indoors. During the good old Presence days, in the heart of winter, during likely one of my favorite winters, I decided to film a few different edits to have some what of a series drop as soon as spring hit. With an awesome group of friends and the amazing UAB indoor park, it was an amazing winter. You’ll notice some footage of a very young Dillon Lloyd, Another fun fact about this edit is that the taz edit was actually filmed in the first weeks of the Taz being opened.

K.Will came to Montreal for a week and proceeded to shred UAB. I’m pretty sure there’s only a few people out there who have ever done a disaster barspin to barspin out and Kevin did them as good as anyone out there. “What else do you want?”

Dillon in his early stages of Diller. Dewey and Greg killing it as usual

Filmed in the first 2 spring sessions of the year (as you can still see a bunch of snow on the ground). A lot of these clips are pretty chill, but is there anything better than riding outside after the long winter hibernation?

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27 Feb Presence Videos

Presence – 2009

Jeremy Deme, who is essentially the pilot of this ship that we call Embassy, is obviously too modest to post his past projects on the site, but he recently uploaded both full length Presence DVDs. These videos, much like the ICC videos we wrote about last week, blurred the line between a crew video and a scene video and really displayed the sense of community amongst a group of riders in Montreal during that time period. Both videos were Quebec centric with standout parts (in both videos) from Corey Dewey and Greg Flag, as well as Justin Kirnan, Dillon Lloyd, Mike Cardin, Albert Krolikowski, Mike Fiz, and a whole lot more, while the later video even featured riders from outside the province such as Luke Santucci, Taylor Elvy, and Isaac Barnes

You can watch the self titled video above (I always thought the riding, filming, editing, and music in Eric Trepanier’s opening part was a perfect combination), and click below to watch the awkwardly titled You Know Time It Is? from 2010.

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